Cass County Collector
Chris Molendorp Chris Molendorp
Cass County Collector
2725 Cantrell Rd
MO 64701
Ph: 816-380-8377
Fax: 816-380-8375

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  • The Cass County Collector tax bill search allows you to view your tax payment history.
  • To search by name, enter all or part of your name or your company name in the Name field and then click on Search by Name. Example: (Doe, Jane)
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    Example: 1800 SHERMAN (No St or Rd or Road is necessary)
  • To search Real Estate by parcel number, enter the parcel number and click on Search by Parcel.
Please read our disclaimer and Online services before making a payment

If making payment today, you will be unable to receive a tax receipt until the next business day. If you are needing a receipt today for the purpose of licensing, please contact the Collector's Office at (816) 380-8377 to make your payment over the phone and an immediate receipt can be issued.

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